Phusion delivers stunning visual content on smartphones, tablets and TVs


Embedded technology for automatically making photos more beautiful

Patented image fusion technology, designed for integration into smartphones, cameras or consumer electronics (CE) devices, to produce more detailed, more beautiful and natural-looking images.


See the world through new eyes

Pioneering algorithms that dynamically combine visible and invisible information (such as infrared and thermal) across a range of devices. The same core engine can enhance detail, aid visual accessibility and create more vibrant visual content – all with minimal computational load, making it ideal for mobile devices.

Products include:

Phusion for Photography - for desktop-quality image enhancements

Phusion for Video -  for improved visual experiences and content accessibility

Phusion for Future Applications - for next generation applications

All our products are available as IP for license into smartphones, cameras and CE devices.

Straightforward integration with existing image pipelines (ISPs) means that all previous investment in image quality is preserved. If you are a manufacturer wanting to differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering a better customer experience, get in touch today.




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