About Us


Formed in February 2011, Spectral Edge is a spin-out company of the Colour and Vision Group of the School of Computing Sciences at the University of East Anglia in Norwich (United Kingdom). This Group is active in a range of research areas such as Computational Colour Constancy, Physics based vision, Image Reproduction, Colour Graphics, Image Indexing, Colour scanning, Colour Science and Computer Vision.

Spectral Edge was spun off in March 2014 to exploit this exciting research into image fusion and colour perception. We are developing IP products for license to consumer electronics manufacturers and service providers to improve the images from their cameras and the video on their displays. IP products will be delivered as either embedded software to run on existing processors, or as Verilog for integration into SoCs. Our aim is to enable our customers to differentiate their products by enabling the highest possible visual quality.

Management Team

Our Management Team is made up of PhD Graduates, Professors, Developers and Researchers. With this variety of skills and knowledge we have been able to help aid colour-blindness and improve colour quality in cameras and TV box sets which can be implemented into them in the future.


Company Information

SPECTRAL EDGE, Sheraton House, Castle Park, CAMBRIDGE, CB3 0AX, UK, +44 (0)1223 855055 INFO@SPECTRALEDGE.CO.UK

VAT number 183-0880-01  company number 07538488