Colour Blindness and Eyeteq


How it works

Eyeteq subtly modifies colours on your TV screen, tablet or smartphone in such a way that colour-blind people can easily distinguish between colours they otherwise cannot, (between red and green football teams, for example). The result is a much more accessible and pleasing picture for the colour blind viewer.


Take a look at these videos to see how Eyeteq works and the difference it can make to a colour blind person.


·         Eyeteq video demo 1where Eyeteq has been applied to one half of the screen only for comparison purposes, (on a real set-top box the whole screen would be transformed)


·         Eyeteq video demo 2this video simulates colour blindness for a non-colour blind person


The modification can be adjusted (using a TV remote control or in the settings menu on a smartphone) to suit the degree and type of colour blindness, so colour blind viewers can enjoy enhanced details, while non-colour-blind viewers see little difference or even prefer the end result.