Eyeteq Client

Eyeteq enhances images and video, improving visibility and colour rendering for viewers with colour vision deficiency whilst maintaining the enjoyment of the same content for colour-normal viewers. Eyeteq Client works by processing the picture in the receiving device, which can be a television, a tablet,  a cable/satellite/terrestrial or IPTV/OTTtv set-top box, or a computer.

Eyeteq Client can run in software by making use of the processor resources already present, or in hardware if they are not accessible or adequate. When running in software, the code is typically split between the CPU cores in the system-on-chip with the time-critical part of the algorithm running in a GPU. A typical system configuration might be a quad ARM-core SoC with 12k DMIPS, and a GPU able to handle 2.5 GPixels/second.

Eyeteq Client is available as either a combination of C++ and OpenGL software,  or a Verilog IP block for chip-level integration. It is licensed to TV service providers for use in their set-top boxes, or to consumer electronics OEMs for retail devices. A reference design is available on an ARM-based set-top box platform, and can be ported to other platforms if needed. 

Whether you are a PayTV operator, broadcaster or consumer electronics brand, we would be pleased to show you Eyeteq running on a client device. See our video and contact us on info@spectraledge.co.uk to book a demonstration in person.