Eyeteq Server

Shown by an independent study to benefit 8 out of 10 colour-blind viewers, Eyeteq is now available for license and implementation in the Content Delivery Network (CDN). 


Applicable to IPTV, OTT or hybrid distribution of TV content and services, Eyeteq fits into the broadcast head-end to provide another new service for people with impairments. Many such new services have been identified by pan-European projects such as H2B2VS.


Minimising processing in the client device, the colour-corrected versions of the video are delivered on a separate IP channel, separate from the main broadcast channel. This can be implemented for example in a hybrid DVB-S2 + IP network as in the example below.


The only change to the client device is in the User Interface (UI) and middleware, the change of transport channel being transparent to the user and just appearing in the UI as a change of picture settings. This can be handled using protocols such as HbbTV.


Eyeteq is thus deployed commercial to the broadcaster or PayTV service provider via the encoder vendor, to whom it is available as a set of libraries for license. It has already been deployed in a demonstration server which Spectral Edge would be pleased to demonstrate to any prospective operator as a reference design. The test content is delivered to both a commercial set-top box and to an iPad via our own demonstration app. To see the demonstration please contact us.