Eyeteq for Studios

Spectral Edge is developing an OFX plugin for video editing, grading and finishing applications such as DaVinci Resolve. This will enable editors to enhance selected content for an audience with colour-vision deficiency, for example sports highlights where a red team plays against a green, or motor racing with red/green/yellow/grey cars.


The resulting content can be enjoyed by both colour-deficient and colour-normal viewers alike, as the colour changes are very subtle. Content colour can be tuned to target the largest group with colour blindness, the deuteranopes, or targetted towards more unusual forms of colour vision deficiency for healthcare applications, for example.


A prototype Eyeteq plugin is shown in this video running on Avid Media Composer. This should gave an idea of the features and user interface that will be available once the Eyeteq OFX plugin has been released. In the meantime please contact Spectral Edge to register your interest.