Is watching TV preventing you from sleeping at night?

Sleep better with Nighteq!


Blue light coming from TV's, Tablets and Computer Monitors can reduce your Melatonin production. 

“..studies have shown that light suppresses melatonin, such that light in the early evening causes a circadian delay, or resets the clock to a later schedule;”
- Anne-Marie Chang, Harvard University Neuroscientist


“..we found that humans display a peak sensitivity to light in the blue wavelength region of the spectrum…These wavelength-sensitive photoreceptors were identified soon after and are known as melanopsin-containing ganglion cells.”
- George Brainard, Thomas Jefferson University Neuroscientist

Nighteq reduces the amount of blue light to help you sleep better whilst maintaining contrast and picture quality.

See for yourself in the Nighteq demo below.


Nighteq Products

Nighteq can be licensed as either as Software or Hardware.

- The software version runs on a client device such as a set top box, making use of its CPU and GPU resources.

- The hardware version is delivered as Verilog for SoCs designed to drive displays for TVs, Tablets, Computers, and Smart Phones.