Phusion for Security

Phusion can be used in many ways. One of the most applicable is fusing RGB and thermal video in real-time for security applications. This is very helpful because in dark areas, people can still be seen because of the thermal input on the camera. In light areas where thermal information is not beneficial, a normal RGB scene are shown. This approach would help identify people by showing what they are wearing and their facial features, whereas a non-Phusion thermal camera by itself would just show a white silhouette and an RGB camera would not be able to show someone in the dark. Below is a video showing normal thermal video, then RGB and then the Phusion version.

This is potentially revolutionary for security companies and security services, because with the enhanced detail combined with a realistic scene, the chances of identifying suspects and their actions are greatly improved. The Phusion video can be created either within the camera if their is adequate processing power, or at a remote monitoring station.

To see what Phusion can do to RGB and Thermal footage watch the videos below or Click Here