Photographic Phusion

Phusion is probably the most exciting thing that Spectral Edge has created. Using our Phusion technology, we have been able to merge photographs together to make a more pleasing and a more detailed image. This can be useful for a variety of things; You could recover an over exposed photo, You can have a full DoF (Depth of Field) Range, You can even make images clearer when photographing through mist. Below you can read the different features more in depth.

These are all useful features that can benefit any photographer, amateur or professional.

Near-Infrared (NIR) - This is the most unique thing about Phusion. You can now use NIR to take pictures that have higher colour quality than a normal picture with just the three spectrum channels (Red, Green, Blue). Images are clearer, de-fogged and look a lot better, as well as retaining all detail and realism. The majority of viewers prefer photographs taken with Phusion with NIR, and we have proved this with preference experiments. For the average consumer, these images will show colour more distinctly and will bring out the definition in any kind of photography. See for yourself on our image gallery.

Over Exposure - In these photographs (See below) you can see that the original RGB photograph is slightly over exposed and there is clipping in the clouds which is almost impossible to improve in post production. However, our Phusion technology uses NIR (Near-Infrared) Channels which can almost see through mist with complete ease. Phusion combines the NIR and RGB channels which can make the entire image look better without all the troubles of doing it in post production.

Full Range Depth of Field - If you take some photographs of people or a still object with different focal lengths, then it can be hard to get just a single picture which is completely in focus. For example Close DoF + Mid DoF + Long DoF = ? This is impossible to answer because  combining pictures without Phusion is different and very hard to do. However with Phusion, you can get all of those photographs at different focal lengths and combine them to make an entire image that is blur free. This can be helpful for beginner photographers if they take multiple images but none seem to be clear and all are at different lengths, and professionals who can now take pictures at different lengths and then merge the photographs into one clear image.

Phusion is available as IP for license into cameras and consumer electronics products which have cameras, such as smartphones. If you are a camera, smartphone or sensor manufacturer, please contact us (found below the About us and Management Team) for more details.