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We are on the cusp of a revolution in image capture.

Imaging devices will record both what we can see, and what is invisible, such as near-infra red or heat.  This non-visible information is already used in computer vision and gesture recognition, e.g. the Microsoft Xbox™. Now Spectral Edge has developed a way of using this same information to both enhance detail and create beautiful images. Known as "Phusion", this technology has already been proven in the area of visual accessibility and is now being brought to the rapidly expanding computational photography market.


Image Fusion, Where Quality is Everything.

Computational imaging is the third, and most disruptive, wave of technical development in the field of photography. New generation cameras will ‘see’ what we cannot see outside the normal visible spectrum and across multiple focal planes. This new trans-optical capture will be combined with advanced computer processing to produce images with greater depth and more detail, whilst retaining realism and allowing images to be refocused post-capture.

Spectral Edge makes use of these new sensors with its unique approach to image fusion, colour perception-based processing, and image enhancement. Phusion is underpinned by strong mathematics and a focus on winning image preference tests. For mass-market consumer devices which take photos, perceived image quality is everything.

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Phusion is being licensed for use in many exciting applications in three markets:

Phusion Photography

Video Personalisation

Multi-Spectral Vision



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