When you take photos using a smartphone or camera, their sensors produce what is known as  a “RAW” image that includes all RGB information, but is not natural-looking to the eye. The device then puts this RAW image through some complex image processing techniques to create a JPG version of that picture, which is much more pleasing to the eye but loses some of the image detail. Most smartphones only display the JPG image versions, whereas recovering the detail saved in a RAW file by an SLR camera usually involves using sophisticated desktop photo-editing software.

Phusion HR - for clean, sharp high resolution images

Phusion HR enables you to take professional-looking photos on the fly without needing any third-party editing software.  Our innovative technology automatically deduces which parts of an image need fixing to create a sharper, high-resolution image.

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Key highlights

·       Recovers lost details from raw image files automatically

·       Restores lost image details without introducing artifacts

·       Eliminates the need for photo-editing software

·       Low computational resource – small number of arithmetic operations per pixel

How it works

Phusion HR creates a thumbnail version of the original image, automatically recovers and restores any lost detail, then combines the raw and processed files to create a final image that looks completely natural.

Phusion HR Infographic.jpg