Embedded Software Engineer - Imaging

An embedded software engineer experienced in imaging or video, to make images better on consumer products such as smartphones, tablets and TVs.

We are looking for an embedded software engineer to implement our image fusion technology, known as Phusion, onto real-time platforms used in consumer electronics products and services. Initial tasks will include implementation of our algorithms in order to create real-time licensable IP products for smartphone photography and/or video enhancement with colour filtering for content delivery.


The key duties are:

  • Software implementation of Spectral Edge Phusion algorithms on platforms used in smartphones and/or video encoders
  • Optimising code to make best use of memory and CPU or GPU resources
  • Integration of optimised code into demonstration appstore showcase the Phusion technology to the smartphone and/or TV industries
  • Support for integration of Phusion into customer platforms


The key skills are:

•  Real-time programming in C, C++

•  Ability to optimise code to obtain maximum performance from compute resource available

•  Linux programming experience and knowledge of hardware platforms

•  Knowledge and Experience of camera ISP architectures and/or video pipelines

•  Good mathematical background (so as to be able to gain an understanding of the Phusion algorithm)

•  Video and photo compression and codec technology, e.g. H.264, HEVC, JPEG

•  Good communication and team-working skills


The following additional skills would be an advantage:

•    Experience of GPUs and languages such as OpenGL/CL, CUDA

•    Driver development for cameras and sensors on Linux platforms

•    Knowledge of ISP block algorithms, e.g de-noising or image registration algorithms

•    Understanding of MATLAB for translation into real-time code


Candidates should have a good command of written English and be able to work full-time at our offices in Cambridge, UK.


As well as a competitive salary, the successful candidate will be awarded stock options in an early-stage start up with considerable growth potential. This is a demanding technical role with a career path to more senior roles as the business develops.



Office Manager

Spectral Edge is a friendly Cambridge-based high tech start-up looking for organised and outgoing Office Manager to help us during a period of rapid growth.  We need someone for around 25 hours per week to administer facilities, purchasing and HR for the smooth functioning of our team. 

Spectral Edge is looking for someone to lead our search for office premises and manage the facility. We are based in Central Cambridge. The role also involves purchasing of office and lab equipment, assisting with travel arrangements when required, looking after office decor and day-to-day HR functions such as holiday sheets. The 25 hour week can consist of a combination of half-days and whole days, which can be agreed in advance to suit someone with family commitments.

The key duties are:

  • Ensuring the smooth running of the office and assisting the Chief Executive as required.
  • Purchasing of stationery, computers, accessories, refreshments and other office supplies
  • Administering employee holidays and, sick days, managing the health scheme, liaison with payroll company and miscellaneous HR administration
  • Managing travel arrangements for the senior team, and helping administer board meetings
  • Liaison with serviced office provider to ensure maintenance of facilities, staff & visitor parking organisation etc.
  • In 2018, possible search for appropriate office facility for 20-25 staff in central Cambridge, as our company grows and prospers.


The key skills are:

  • Organisational ability
  • Willingness to work flexibly, adapt to changing circumstances and take on new tasks as required
  • Good communication and team-working skills so as to liaise effectively with all staff and external suppliers in a friendly, collaborative way
  • Computer literate: experience of Microsoft Office essential, Dropbox highly desirable
  • Numeracy requiredto make, check and edit entries in Xero accounting system and obtain good purchasing deals

Candidates should be have a good command of written English and be able to work a 25 hour week at our offices in Cambridge, UK.

In addition to salary, there is a workplace pension and modest health plan to help with minor treatments. The successful candidate will also be awarded stock options after a probation period, in common with all team members.

Spectral Edge is an ambitious, fast-growing start-up, specialising in Image Fusion, using patented algorithms known as “Phusion” to combine multi-spectral images or video into single images/videos in an aesthetically pleasing way. Our mission is to improve the viewing experience of all visual content by pursuing the perfect picture for each individual viewer.  Applications include:

  • Better photos on smartphones
  • Making TV pictures look like UHD HDR TV on a standard TV set
  • Enabling colour-blind people to access video content they could not previously see