Colour filters that enhance visual experiences and content accessibility  

Whether you’re a traditional linear TV broadcaster or an OTTtv service provider, you need to deliver richer content to your subscribers that is easily accessible across all devices. Whether content is delivered to tablets, smartphones or TVs, you need to raise your services above the ordinary.

We’ve used our core Phusion technology platform to develop a new range of video-enhancing products so that broadcasters, Pay TV and VoD (video on demand providers) can deliver the best viewing experience to their audiences at all times.

  • Vividteq – for more vivid content on TVs, laptops and mobile devices
  • Eyeteq – provides a better viewing experience for colour blind people
  • Nighteq – blue light reduction for relaxed evening viewing and a good night's sleep



Vividteq for more vivid content on TVs, laptops and mobile devices




Vividteq gives your premium subscribers HDR-like experiences on legacy TVs.

Even though the next generation of UHD TVs and broadcasts will include HDR (High Dynamic Range) for greater colour depth and much more vivid pictures, HDR has gained limited traction until now because the picture quality enhancement depends on the capabilities of your TV and set top box. 

Most TVs in circulation today simply don’t support HDR, and even if they do, it will be some years before HDR-enabled Ultra HD broadcasts over cable, terrestrial or satellite networks are rolled out.

Vividteq is a colour filter technology we’ve developed specifically for the broadcast industry to overcome compatibility and infrastructure investment issues.

Vividteq allows pay TV and OTTtv service providers to offer their loyal subscribers HDR-like experiences on legacy TVs and consumer premises equipment (CPE).


Key highlights

  • Improves image quality on live TV feeds without introducing artifacts
  • Provides HDR-like viewing experience on all TVs
  • Produces sharper, crisper images with greater colour contrast and ranges
  • Dynamically adapts to different TV genres, such as sport, drama or documentaries

How it works

Vividteq extracts the live video feed directly from the broadcast head-end or Content Delivery Network (CDN). Our unique image processing technology (Phusion) processes the captured data in real-time by deconstructing and reconstructing the feed on a frame-by frame basis (without compromising the picture quality) to produce an enhanced feed suitable for broadcast via terrestrial, cable, satellite or IPTV channels.

Vividteq can be applied to live TV or VOD assets by pay TV providers, depending on requirements.

Vividteq is available as licensed software IP for use in a broadcast head-end or CDN



Eyeteq: providing a better viewing experience for colour blind people


Colour blindness affects around 5% of the world’s population. Eyeteq is a unique assistive technology solution that we’ve developed to address the issues and frustrations associated with the condition.

Eyeteq subtly modifies colours on your TV screen, tablet or smartphone in such a way that colour-blind people can easily differentiate between colours they otherwise cannot. In some cases, sport for example, it actually allows colour-blind viewers to distinguish the two teams! The result is a much more accessible and pleasing picture for colour blind viewers.

The modification can be adjusted (using a TV remote control or in the settings menu on a smartphone) to suit the degree and type of colour blindness, so colour blind viewers can enjoy enhanced details, while non-colour-blind viewers see little difference or even prefer the end result.


Key highlights

  • Adjustable settings -  those with and without the condition can enjoy the same content
  • Assists colour differentiation without compromising on overall quality
  • Works on TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones by embedding Eyeteq software in the device or the Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Take a look at these videos to see how Eyeteq works and the difference it can make to a colour-blind person.

  • Eyeteq video demo 1 – where Eyeteq has been applied to one half of the screen only for comparison purposes, (on a real set-top box the whole screen would be transformed)
  • Eyeteq video demo 2 -  this video simulates colour blindness for a non-colour blind person

See also our resources section for further information about the research we’ve carried out on the effectiveness of Eyeteq.

Eyeteq is also available as licenced IP for use in consumer and professional products




Nighteq: blue light reduction for relaxed evening viewing and a good night's sleep


Reducing the amount of blue light generated by smartphones, tablets and TVs

Research carried out by Harvard and Thomas Jefferson Universities has shown that too much blue light in the evening supresses our ability to produce melatonin, the hormone needed to make us feel sleepy. This is because our bodies naturally expect blue light in the morning, after the sun has risen. This is something that is widely accepted and trying to reduce blue light in consumer electronics is common practice (Apple’s Nightshift, for example).

To help restore our body’s natural rhythm, we’ve developed an innovative new colour filter, called Nighteq.

How it works

Based on our core Phusion technology, Nighteq reduces the blue tones generated by your TV screen, tablet or smartphone while retaining the image quality and detail. It gradually introduces warmer red tones, to simulate natural evening light. Transition speeds are customizable, depending on your location or application, and can be set up via a remote control or in the settings menu on a smartphone or tablet.

Key highlights

  • Reduces blue light without compromising overall image quality
  • Works on TV screens, laptops, tablets and smartphones
  • Facilitates video personalization services for set top box manufacturers and service providers
  • Available as embedded software or hardware 
  • Easily combined with other Phusion for TV products without significant increase in computational load

Watch the video below to see Nighteq in action


Nighteq is available as licensed IP for use in consumer and professional products