Phusion for Smartphones


Natural-looking photos with more detail

Spectral Edge is a leader in the development of pioneering image enhancement software for colour management, image fusion and tone mapping, to improve the overall quality of digital images.

Using our core Phusion technology, were now bringing this expertise to your smartphones.

Phusion for smartphones uses cutting edge algorithms to dynamically produce more pleasing and natural-looking images. The outcome is better quality photos preferred by most viewers - the snap-happy photo-takers as well as professional photographers.


Phusion - Clarity

evening-1840180_1920 copy.jpg

Phusion Clarity creates photos with more punch

Phusion Clarity helps manufacturers build smartphones that automatically take more vivid, natural looking photos every time.

Phusion Clarity optimises:

  • Colour contrast
  • Detail preservation
  • Brightness adjustment
  • Shadow and highlight recovery
  • Tone mapping
  • Does not introduce artifacts
Clarity images

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How it works

Phusion Clarity creates a thumbnail version of a photo image and automatically adjusts the colour contrasts of that photo without compromising the natural colour balance. This creates an enhanced, final image.

Phusion Clarity Infographic.jpg

Phusion Clarity is available as IP for license into smartphones and other CE products. If you are a manufacturer of these devices wanting to differentiate yourself from the competition by delivering a better customer experience, please get in touch.

Straightforward integration with existing image pipelines (ISPs) means that all previous investment in image quality is preserved.