Phusion Photography


How often have you taken a photo which is missing detail? Do you wish you could fix the problem at the press of a button?

Until recently, image enhancement software such as photoshop has been too expensive and too computationally power hungry for practical use on mobile phones or digital cameras. Photographic Phusion, the latest innovation from Spectral Edge, changes the game.

Photographic Phusion makes it possible to dynamically merge multiple versions of digital photos together to create more pleasing and natural looking images. The outcome is better quality photos preferred by most viewers, making Phusion highly beneficial to snap-happy smartphone users as well as professional photographers.


Phusion - Clarity

evening-1840180_1920 copy.jpg

Smartphones offer huge advantages over cameras when it comes to taking photos on the fly – they are easy to use (point and press), are always on our persona and, for the most part, take reasonable quality images that we can share in real time.

In a world dominated by social media, we are far more likely to engage with visual content over other content formats, so being able to take a good snapshot is a top priority on everyone’s agenda.

But what if the colour contrasts are not true to life, or the photo is washed out and you simply don’t have time to download an editing tool to create that “perfect” photo? This where Phusion Clarity comes into its own.

Phusion Clarity - creates photos with more punch

Phusion Clarity is a photo enhancement technology that dynamically changes the colour tones/contrasts on smartphones or cameras to create a final image with enhanced detail, while retaining a natural look.

Using Phusion Clarity, mobile phone users can instantly take great photos that do not need editing.

Key highlights

·       Dynamically improves colour contrasts in mobile phone images

·       Does NOT introduce artifacts

·       Enhances detail while maintaining a natural look

·       Eliminates the need for photo-editing software

·       Low computational resource – a small number of arithmetic operations per pixel

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How it works

Phusion Clarity creates a thumbnail version of a photo image and automatically adjusts the colour contrasts of that image without compromising the natural colour balance. This creates an enhanced, final image.

Phusion Clarity Infographic.jpg

Phusion - Highlight Recovery


When you take photos using a smartphone or camera, their sensors produce what is known as  a “RAW” image that includes all RGB information, but is not natural-looking to the eye. The device then puts this RAW image through some complex image processing techniques to create a JPG version of that picture, which is much more pleasing to the eye but loses some of the image detail. Most smartphones only display the JPG image versions, whereas recovering the detail saved in a RAW file by an SLR camera usually involves using sophisticated desktop photo-editing software.

Phusion HR - for clean, sharp high resolution images

Phusion HR enables you to take professional-looking photos on the fly without needing any third-party editing software.  Our innovative technology automatically deduces which parts of an image need fixing to create a sharper, high-resolution image.

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Key highlights

·       Recovers lost details from raw image files automatically

·       Restores lost image details without introducing artifacts

·       Eliminates the need for photo-editing software

·       Low computational resource – small number of arithmetic operations per pixel

How it works

Phusion HR creates a thumbnail version of the original image, automatically recovers and restores any lost detail, then combines the raw and processed files to create a final image that looks completely natural.

Phusion HR Infographic.jpg

Phusion - NIR

photographer-1082128_1920 copy.jpg

Multispectral technologies are already featuring as standard in next generation smartphones, taking their 3D sensing and augmented reality capabilities to a whole new level.

Next generation phones will include new near infra-red (NIR) sensors as standard to enhance gaming and virtual reality capabilities. These sensors can also be exploited to improve photo quality. We believe it is only a matter of time before multispectral imaging becomes mainstream.

Phusion NIR - beautiful photos in all situations

Phusion NIR automatically takes advantage of NIR and conventional image processing technologies in the most naturalistic and beautiful way. It makes colours more vibrant, even if the photo has been taken through mist or smoke, because infra-red is not scattered in the same way as visible light. It can also improve people photos without needing any post production editing software, as infra-red also has the effect of filtering out unwanted features.

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Key highlights

·       Consistently takes good images – even in low-light conditions

·       Takes great pictures in all situations: even through mist, fog and smoke

·       Automatic retouching of people photos

·       Eliminates the need for post-production editing software

·       Low computational resource – small number of arithmetic operations per pixel

How it works

Phusion NIR dynamically combines NIR and RGB spectrum channels to create clearer high quality images that look natural as per the example below.

Phusion NIR Infographic.jpg