R&D Engineer – Computer Vision   REF: RD003

We are growing fast and are now looking for an R&D engineer experienced in Computer Vision technologies.

You should have good knowledge of computer vision, with specific skills in:

  • image classification techniques (ImageNet)
  • object detection techniques (DarkNet, Yolo, SSD)
  • semantic segmentation techniques (Segnet)
  • Neural Network frameworks (Tensorflow, Caffe). 

In addition, the successful applicant will have the ability to create a training set, train a Neural Network and evaluate the results.


The key duties are:

•  Applying computer vision techniques as appropriate to different problems as required

•  Training a Neural Network for object detection and segmentation

•  Working with the software team to facilitate object aware image processing

•  Implementing Neural Network inference for customer environment in collaboration with software engineers


The key skills are:

•  Strong Python, C/C++ skills and a working knowledge of Matlab

•  Ability to optimise code to obtain maximum performance from the available computer resource 

•  Knowledge and Experience of camera ISP architectures and/or video pipelines would be helpful

•  You will need a good mathematical background in order to understand Spectral Edge’s IP. Master’s degree or above in Maths or Computer science expected. 

•  Good communication and team-working skills


The following additional skills would be an advantage:

•  Experience of GPUs and languages such as OpenGL/CL, CUDA

•  Driver development for cameras and sensors on Linux platforms

•  Knowledge of ISP block algorithms, e.g de-noising or image registration algorithms


Candidates should have a good command of written English and be able to work full-time at our offices in Cambridge, UK.


As well as a competitive salary, the successful candidate will be awarded stock options in an early-stage start up with considerable growth potential. This is a demanding technical role with a career path to more senior role as the business develops.

For further information or to apply, please contact our HR Manager, Sue Handley Jones  s.handleyjones@spectraledge.co.uk


Spectral Edge is a specialist in Image Fusion, using patented algorithms known as “Phusion” to combine multi-spectral images or video into single images/videos in an aesthetically pleasing way. Applications include:

• Computational Photography on smartphones

• Video enhancement for content delivery, including assistive technology